I hear it every day. Patient are cancelling their insurance plans because of the skyrocketing cost of coverage. It is not uncommon to hear costs upwards of $2000 a month for a family of 4. In Delaware and Maryland there is only ONE provider in the marketplace to “choose” from. That is not choice!

For several years, market innovation has been limited by Obamacare regulations. To avoid fines, patients have been limited to “marketplace” plans for their insurance options and these options have become more and more unaffordable. Some have chosen to go without a safety net, which is not advised but has been the only option that people know of. Many patients have turned to cost sharing models called Christian Health Sharing Ministries. These are popular plans which are not insurance but avoid the tax penalty through a religious exemption.

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These sharing ministries have been a tried and true alternative to health insurance where members share the burden of high medical costs and monthly membership fees go directly to pay each other’s medical bills. These are open to all people who are Christian and are able to attest in writing to this set of beliefs but this did not encompass everyone. Now, there is a health sharing organization which is based on these principles of sharing each others’ burdens but does not require attestation to Christian beliefs.

The organization is called Sedera Health and it is NOT HEALTH INSURANCE. In fact, using the word “coverage” is not accurate and is an insurance term. Sedera is a different sort of organization and uses their own terms to describe their offerings.

Sedera is an innovative non-insurance approach to healthcare that pairs perfectly with your direct primary care membership. Your primary care doctor is your central hub and Sedera is there when medical needs become extensive and expensive. By participating in a medical cost sharing community, members of Sedera are able to receive high-end quality care at an average of 50% in savings over traditional insurance.

How much is it? Membership starts at $99 per individual and upwards depending on the “Initial Unsharable Amount” which is somewhat like a deductible. Click here for pricing.

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What’s the catch?

This plan does not cover every single medical issue. It does not insure primary care, which makes sense. I have used this analogy before but think about your car insurance. If we expected our car insurance to cover our gasoline, tires, repairs and basic expenses, consider how expensive our car insurance would be! Not to mention that it would limit the gas stations we go to, tell us which repairs we can and can’t have done and determine the brand of tires that we must get. Basic primary care is inexpensive and does not require insurance to cover those costs. We complicate it with insurance and third parties and make it more expensive but it does not have to be. We are responsible for the costs of maintaining our health and bodies and this in turn makes us more conscious of making healthy choices and searching for value where medical costs occur. Direct Primary Care helps patients find this value and cut costs down to what they should be when patients contract directly with providers and cut out the “middle men”.

A notable difference is that Sedera DOES cover children’s immunizations which is different than many of the Christian Health Sharing Ministries. There are many other similarities and differences which are beyond the scope of this introduction. Existing patients at Rekindle Family Medicine can call and discuss this anytime and interested patients can schedule a 15 minute complimentary session to discuss this and DPC membership at Rekindle Family Medicine.

The following is taken from the Sedera ACCESS Health Membership Guidelines

“Memberships are not refused on the basis of the health status of individual members, although medical conditions that existed prior to membership may be limited or excluded from sharing. No one is denied membership based on prior medical conditions, but any conditions that existed prior to membership would not be shareable with the community until certain membership longevity requirements are met.”

There is fine print to be read so please CLICK HERE to read the Membership Guidelines and sharing guidelines.

How do I get this? How can I sign up?

Access to Sedera can only be attained through a participating employer or participating Direct Primary Care (DPC) practice. Why is this? Because it is our policy and our passion, as DPC doctors, to drive down healthcare costs and provide transparency in pricing to our patients. Sedera and patients can be very confident in our desire and ability to save them money on visits, labs, imaging and medications. Ultimately, plans like Sedera’s will help with what we all want: cost transparency, freedom to choose any provider for care, affordable health CARE, and incentive to care for ourselves and our health.

Existing patients at Rekindle Family Medicine can sign up for Sedera anytime by calling our office and we will send you enrollment information. Patients can also sign up for Sedera at the time of registering for membership at Rekindle Family Medicine. Please be aware that these companies and products are SEPARATE ENTITIES and will be managed separately but can be billed together on one monthly invoice. Rekindle Family Medicine will have influence on your monthly membership costs for our practice only and do not influence or alter your monthly costs with Sedera ACCESS. Rekindle Family Medicine also takes no responsibility for the coverage decisions made by Sedera regarding payment or reimbursement for medical issues.

For any questions about Sedera billing, coverage, limitations or restrictions, please contact them directly:


(800) 473-5472

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