• 5% discount for annual payment in full
  • 5% discount for couples
  • 10% discount for families
  • 10% veteran or active duty military discount (We honor our troops.)

What sets rekindle family medicine apart from other primary care offices? 

  • Same day or next-business-day appointments (for existing patients) Monday through Friday, excluding office holidays
  • No scheduling fees or co-pays
  • More time spent with the physician - 30 minute appointments instead of 7
  • Less waiting: Unhurried appointments that start and end on time
  • Care when you need it: we offer appointments at your convenience, even outside normal business hours when appropriate
  • 24/7 communication directly with your physician via text, email, video and phone services
  • Labs and radiology at significant discount 
  • Many in office tests included free with membership
  • Prescription medications filled in the office at wholesale prices and savings passed directly to the patient
  • Laboratory and radiology test results can be emailed to you along with explanations and recommendations in plain language
  • Health problems can be addressed before they become major and more costly
  • Less paperwork - we work for you, the patient and not the insurance company
  • Reduced office visits - some routine or simple issues may be safely handled via telephone, email or video-conferencing such as through Skype/Facetime
  • Increased access to your physician, reducing the need for emergency room or urgent care visits 
  • Transparent pricing - no surprise bills!
  • Satisfy the Affordable care act (ACA/Obamacare) requirement of a “Medical home” when you combine your membership with catastrophic health insurance 
  • No commitments. Monthly payments instead of yearly. You may cancel your contract with Rekindle Family Health anytime (though we don’t think you will want to)

You can have all this and more for less than the price of a latte a day. 

Let's meet and talk about it. Call, email or text for your 15 minute meet and greet interview now.