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**Click on each link below to read more articles about Direct Primary Care. Remember while you are reading that every DPC clinic has a different pricing structure. Some of the lower priced models charge additional fees for each service performed and each visit while the higher priced memberships tend to include more.**


Dr. Nalda in the news:

If you have any further questions or concerns about DPC or want to talk with Dr. Nalda in person, please call to set up an interview appointment.

Below is Dr. Nalda's philosophy on the need to Rekindle relationships and Rekindle health:


Patients today know that they are not getting optimal care. They often get pushed through the system with minimal explanations and minimal connection with their provider. There is a limit to how many people can be seen by one provider in a day and still get quality medical care. Currently patients have on average a 17 minute visit, but some only get 7 minutes. What’s next: 3 minute visits? There is a physical and emotional endpoint to this system as it currently exists. When patients get a procedure or test done, very often no one can tell them how much it will cost. Not the doctor's office, the doctor, or even the insurance company can tell them until they get the final bill! In what other area of life would this be acceptable? Do you buy clothes without knowing the cost until 3 months later when you get the bill? 


More and more doctors are leaving medicine today. They are burned out, retiring early and an average of 1 doctor a day commits suicide.  There is a doctor shortage coming in the near future and unless some drastic change is made in primary care, this will be a significant problem facing America. Medical students are shying away from a field in which doctors are relegated to be button clickers, facing maddening insurance protocols and spending hours on the phone getting authorization. The mountains of paperwork are increasing and reimbursement is steadily decreasing, causing doctors to need to see more and more patients just to keep the doors open. After 8 years of practicing medicine in traditional settings, Dr. Nalda saw the looming future of family medicine and knew there must be a better way. 


 Dr. Nalda has never been one to take “no” for an answer. When faced with a healthcare system which is broken, rather than face the herculean task of fixing the entire system, she simply finds a better way. You can be part of this elegant solution. She is joining the (ever growing) ranks of doctors in Direct Primary Care (DPC) . She yearns for a deeper connection with patients and believes that an atmosphere of mutual respect and transparency will result in healthier patients and happier doctors. She believes patients deserve better treatment than the current system offers. Dr. Nalda knows that when she is working directly for the patient and "cutting out the middle man" she will be saving patients time and money and rekindling a right relationship between doctor and patient. Eventually, family medicine doctors nationwide will rekindle their love of family medicine.